Safety is a key priority at G&G. We operate in an inherently unsafe industry with many risks around us – including hot work, grinding and arc flash; working at heights; suspended loads; confined spaces; heavy mobile equipment; solvent, chemicals and weld fumes and more – but by putting in place appropriate processes, procedures, equipment and PPE we can manage and minimise these risks.

However, in order to manage safety we always need all staff to be mindful of these risks and think about safety – and halt any activity that is not safe. This is what the “AM I SAFE?” message is all about.

Printed on the back of all our workshop employees clothing, it is also intended as a reminder – both to the employee reading it to think “Am I safe?”, but also to consider whether the employee who is wearing the uniform is safe – and if not – to intervene and ensure the task is halted until it can be completed safely.

“Think” - Am I safe? Are my friends/colleagues/workmates safe?