G&G LOADMORE High Productivity Buckets

Increase Tonnes per Swing on your existing equipment

G&G are committed to improving the productivity of mining operations production, and through constant listening to industry demands, we have developed a new range of buckets for miners focussed on maximising productivity. Our specially-designed High-Productivity Buckets offer increased payload capacity and thus enable significant, measurable productivity improvements through increases in tonnes moved per hour on your existing equipment.

Lightweight makes Light Work

Operator feedback and field studies in conjunction with our customers have demonstrated that these buckets also offer improved penetration – resulting in faster cycle times, reduced loads on the machine and reduced fuel burn.

Lightweight does not mean soft and weak

Through the use of new materials that have both structural and wear properties, we have developed designs that offer a significant weight reduction and volume increase whilst still offering significant abrasion and impact resistance.

Due to the removal of traditional wear packages, we also improve safety and reduce on-site maintenance costs & downtime through the removal of hot-work and wear package maintenance.

For more information on these products and how G&G’s High Productivity Solutions can assist you and your operation please contact us.

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