G&G LOADMORE High Productivity Dump Bodies

Through our may years of experience designing and manufacturing buckets (structures subject to wear), and service modules and water tanks (structures to carry a load on the rear of rigid body haul trucks) we have amassed a large amount of knowledge that is relevant to the design of rigid haul truck bodies. We have also built strong relationships with customers who have requested we work with them to offer something stronger, lighter and more productive in order for them to meet and exceed their current and future production requirements. From this base we have designed, developed and patented the G&G LOADMORE dump body.

The G&G LOADMORE Dump Body offers the following and more...

Super Lightweight Structure for increased payload within the same GVM due to the use of innovative design, the removal or wear liners and the use of thinner structural plates.

Super Strong Structure for extreme impact resistance and extended structural life.

Automatic Load Positioning for optimal truck centre of gravity regardless of material density - offering improved vehicle stability and reduced front tyre wear.

Improved Payload Dumping, with the body shape resulting in reduced opportunities for hang up, improved load shedding and the ability to dump clear over the windrow / dump pocket - resulting in a faster dumping cycle, reducing material stacking, removing the possibility of tail dragging, and significantly reducing the need for dozer cleanup. 

Reduced Wear Rate due to the use of SSAB's new Hardox 500 Tuf steel that offers increased hardness and abrasive wear resistance whilst also offering the structural and impact properties required in the structure

The operational benefits, therefore, include:

  • Increased payload
  • Increased truck availability
  • Reduced truck cycle time
  • Reduced tyre operating cost (On a per tonne basis)
  • Reduced fuel consumption (On a per tonne basis)
  • Reduced maintenance cost

and more..... all resulting in a lower cost per tonne and increased profitability to the miner!


For more information on these products and how G&G’s High Productivity Solutions can assist you and your operation please contact us.


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