XMOR™ Buckets - Excavate More


It is more difficult to make a light bucket that is larger.

It is even more difficult to make a lighter, larger bucket that can still last - both structurally and to resist wear whilst consistently delivering a larger payload.

That is what you can expect from XMOR.


Increased Payload for improved machine productivity

  • Lower Weight + Larger Volume = Larger Payload and all within the OEM machine suspended load limits.

Customised Solutions

  • No matter the material you are excavating or the GET options you require; we can provide the optimal XMOR bucket for your needs.

Improved digging performance

  • Low Drag design with no wear bars or bulky heel blocks moves through the ground more easily.

Low Operating Costs

  • Thanks to high payload productivity and reduced maintenance, as well as low-drag design resulting in reduced fuel burn and improved digging characteristics.

Harder Wearing, Longer Lasting

  • The unique high strength construction of XMOR buckets uses a range of advanced HARDOX steels, including HARDOX 500 Tuf and delivers exceptional wear life at a much lower weight than conventional buckets.

Hot Work Minimised

  • No wear package to maintain on-site, resulting in cost and safety benefits.

Handles all media

  • Product range developed for use with a wide range of materials with different wear characteristics and from the extremes of high to low density.

Fully compatible with a broad range of GET

  • Available with plate and cast lip options from multiple manufacturers.

Australian Made

  • Certified Australian Made product designed and manufactured by G&G Mining.


For more information on these products and how G&G’s XMOR High Productivity Solutions can assist you and your operation please contact us.

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