XMOR™ Dump Bodies - Extract More


But XMOR has gone lighter.

And beyond this additional payload XMOR offers significant additional advantages to reduce your cost per tonne, improve safety and enhance productivity on site.

Expect more from XMOR.


Minimum weight, Maximum payload

  • XMOR dump bodies available to suit all material densities, loading methods and wear scenarios for truck models 90t+ payload, offering the lightest body, and hence the highest payload in its class.

Anti-spill canopy

  • Protects machine by capturing any spillage and feeding back into dump body.

Anti-carry-back Design

  • Unique design features proven to drastically reduce or eliminate hang-up and carryback.

Flexible sidewalls

  • Designed to resist contact with loading machines.

Load Centering Design & Improved Tyre Wear

  • Patented design and “cone” construction ensure the load is centred and the centre of gravity remains at the optimal axle split regardless of the material density.
  • Proven to reduce tyre temperatures / increase tyre life whilst offering improved vehicle dynamics and stability.

Harder Wearing, Longer Lasting

  • The unique high strength construction of XMOR bodies from a range of advanced HARDOX steels, including HARDOX 500 Tuf, delivers exceptional wear life at a much lower weight than conventional bodies and without the need for liners – further reducing, weight, cost of ownership and downtime.

First class dumping performance

  • Floor and tail shape, as well as flared sidewalls result in load shedding that reduces contact pressure on floor, whilst also ensuring no choking as the material exits the tray and enables the material to clear the windrow at the dump - avoiding tail dragging and dozer cleanup.

Easy to install and service

  • Thanks to improved body hoist pin and pivot pin installation and easy to replace mud guards and chain rock deflectors. No wear liner package to manage and repair.

 Australian Made

  • Certified Australian Made product designed and manufactured by G&G Mining.

The operational benefits include:

  • Increased payload
  • Increased truck availability
  • Reduced truck cycle time
  • Reduced tyre operating cost (On a per tonne basis)
  • Reduced fuel consumption (On a per tonne basis)
  • Reduced maintenance cost

and more..... all resulting in a lower cost per tonne and increased profitability to the miner!


For more information on these products and how G&G’s XMOR High Productivity Solutions can assist you and your operation please contact us.


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