Hardox Wearparts

Your uptime is our mission.

G&G is a member of the global Hardox® Wearparts network - a worldwide network of wear service centers. We provide wear parts and wear solutions that keep industries up and running with optimized productivity and service life.

We carry a large stock of wear-resistant materials - including Hardox and Strenx steels, and Duroxite overlay materials - in a wide range thicknesses and grades - in order to offer you fast turnaround and keep you operating. We also stock a range of complementary products such as High Chrome White Iron Heel Shrouds and Chocky Blocks.

We cover wear challenges in all industries and we work with customers on their wear challenges - whether that be in buckets, dump truck trays, chutes, hoppers, crushers, shredders, balers, etc - understanding the application, the abrasive materials, and your desired maintenance cycle in order to recommend the best wear solution - a combination of materials and wear part design - for your application.

Common G&G supplied wear parts include Wear Bars & Wear Strips; Bucket, Tray and Chute Wear Liners; Bucket Lips; Cutting Edges / Blades; Dozer Skins; Screens; Rippers and Knives, as well as merchant cut plates to support your on-site repair needs.

Please contact us to discuss your wear challenges and wear part needs - and we can work to supply you the most efficient, productive, and cost-effective solution from the range of materials, designs and processing methods available to us. Or visit Hardox Wearparts at www.hardoxwearparts.com

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