XMOR Buckets


It’s easy to make a lightweight bucket.

It’s more difficult to make a light bucket that is larger. It’s even more difficult to make a lighter, larger bucket that can still stand up to the extremes of mining, while consistently deliver more payload, cycle after cycle, and still offer a reduction in maintenance and repair.

That is what you can expect from XMOR®.


Increased payload and productivity

  • Significant weight reduction vs traditional buckets while also offering a larger volume that remains within the OEM machine Rated Suspended Load.
  • Improved bucket payload within the same machine payload – increasing machine productivity.

Exceptional wear resistance, hardness and toughness

  • High hardness and yield strength even with use of thinner steels resulting from extensive use of Hardox® 500 Tuf steel.
  • Tapered design and innovative top beam design increases stiffness.

Patented inverted keel design

  • Reduced underside contact pressure and thus reduced wear rate during digging operations.
  • Minimised weight and eliminates maintenance tasks through the removal of underside wear bars.
  • Rounded corners improve digging performance through decreased external drag, whilst diminishing internal hang-up.

Hot work minimised

  • On-site wear package maintenance tasks minimised, resulting in cost and safety benefits.

Handles all material

  • Product range developed for use with a wide range of materials with different wear characteristics including high abrasion and high density materials.
  • Customised design with options depending on digging scenario and customer requirements.
  • Available for all major mining backhoe excavators.

Low operating costs

  • High payload productivity.
  • Reduced on site maintenance and wear parts costs.
  • Low-drag design results in reduced fuel burn and improved digging characteristics.

XMOR® – Expect more in less time

For more information on these products and how XMOR® High Productivity Solutions can assist you and your operation please contact us.

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